Non Branded Keyword Strategy

Posted by roinah on Friday, December 9, 2011

Most of the advice to optimise your campaigns is to concentrate on the last click methods and are easy to use in your campaign management. Using best practices, to focus on created the most relevant campaign for users. What does this actually mean?Google search engine results display results that are best suited to the browsers search request, and to give the best service to the browser, the most relevant information needs to be displayed, and therefore the most relevant ads.Google gives you a cost incentive to do this, how does this affect the non-branded keyword strategy?

How does current Adwords strategies compare with your business objectives?

If you are at the beginning of your marketing strategy, gaining the most amount of clicks for the smallest amount of spend, is one of the easiest strategy to start with. This follows the best practices of Google but does not necessarily follows your business objectives, keywords that have a low CTR can create large amounts of sales, ads that have a low CTR create the most amounts of sales. All of these need to be optimised for profit and not just conversions. In the following document I will be giving you a strategy for optimising your online campaigns, and introduce to you some of the features of UCQuence.

How to optimise a campaign with 200 000 keywords in 20 mins ?

The biggest challenge a marketer faces is where to optimise their time in their daily routine, especially if they are trying to manage 200 000 to a million keywords. Create the report 10 mins , management of keywords 5 mins, management of variations of ads (5 mins). This is where UCQuence comes into its own, you are given just the keywords that are creating conversions. So you are able to focus on the keywords that are creating conversions and therefore profit. I have to reiterate that PROFIT/sales is the best metric to look at, weather you are an online shop, lead site or just visitor based site, you have to optimise for profit . Every conversion can be related to a sale, this is why most people create an online presence, to create money somehow. So now you know that UCQuence can save you time to manage your campaign.
What keywords do you need to optimise to increase Sales?
The information below displays the keywords that have a positive return on investment(ROI). In this instance a client may have a profit per product or on average per sale. Also you can start to see that on 300 000 keyword you only need to optimise 27 keywords. (This client has already been working with their campaign after 6 months.) Ucquence enables you to be truly efficient.

What keywords to optimise to increase the return on investment ROI?

With the rule of optimising with keywords > 30 clicks then you can quickly see that there are not a lot of keywords to optimise (72 out of 200 000). This is for a small customer managing their campaign.

how you optimise is down to you what will have the biggest effect?

Keywords with the most amount of clicks and with a negative roi.
Pause keywords with negative roi(Return on investment also known as ROAS Ad spend )or optimise
these keywords by creating adgroups more specific.

Strategy to reduce your CPA by 20 – 25% by increasing the non branded keywords?

Most marketers structure their campaigns so that they are optimised for search engines and not for their business requirements. How you structure your campaign is dependent on your business goals. We normally find that if you are able to group the adwords so that only one adgroup pulls the keyword, Google does choose the most relevant for the ad but this is generally for them and not your goals.

Please see the blog on how to structure your campaign to see what we recommend.
When running your campaign we try and look at 3 different types of keywords, keywords that create
1. initiate the search
2. Create interest
3. The click before the conversion
Ucquence will enable you to see the profit on keywords that are used at the beginning of a conversion. By the way Ucquence gives you the averages on each one of the types of keywords, or when the keyword is used in a conversion.
The idea is that same as the “law of large numbers” you focus on keywords with a low cpc that have relevance then there is less chance of someone using the most expensive keywords. There is a little bit more than that we need to look at relevance of the keyword ( perfs bounce rate etc). As time continues you can see the increase in each of the type of keyword that has a direct effect on the cpa on the whole campaign. In general we have seen a 20 – 25 % of reduction of your campaign, as the majority of marketers cannot see the results.

I am really happy to have created the tool for marketers to reduce their online campaign and i know this year will be very interesting to see the models of distribution of ROI, and ucquence is the first software to give you these results. Please feel free to contact me for a free trial of UCQuence by emailing me glen.mortimer(at) or skype me on glenseo.

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