Another Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Posted by roinah on Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The goal of SEO is to increase your site’s position in search engine response lists when people type key phrases into search engines

You want to make your site more appealing to search engines so that they will give you more traffic when people search for what your website has to offer.

Traffic that occurs when people click on a search engine response listing for your site is called organic (free) traffic

Target keyphrase Research

Search engines do two things

First, they categorize sites
Second, they rank them by relevance within a category

You need to

Help search engines understand your categories
Convince them to rank you highly within a category

Search engines use key phrases to do this.

Key phrases are words or phrases that characterize your site
Make Money at Home

Target Key phrases

You need to identify good key phrases to characterize your site’s webpages
You need to anticipate what key phrases searchers will use
In jargon, you need to select target key phrases

Many key phrases are highly competitive

“Make money”
Do not try to fight these by selecting them as your key phrases
Established sites will almost always win
This makes sense because they have more traffic
In addition, they have more SEO expertise than you will
Your ranking will be so low on the response list that nobody will find you

Choose a less competitive target key phrase

More specific
“Make money on eBay”
“Make money with a good eBay strategy”
Bad: Fewer searches will point to you
Good: But they will point to you with a higher ranking
The idea is that enough searches will give results pages that rank you highly to bring in sufficient business
Finding key phrases that do this requires a great deal of thought

Select multiple key phrases

Use synonyms

Search engines like synonyms rather than mindless repetition
Search engines call this latent semantic indexing
“Six pack abs” “flat tummy,” “tone your midsection” etc.
Write naturally: Key phrases should only be 2% to 5% of your content
You will be rewarded for this

On-Site Actions

Things that you can build into your site
Search engines pay more attention to certain parts of your site than to others

Domain Name

Should include your key phrase

Don’t Put key phrases in images

Search engines can’t read them

Focus Each Page on a Specific Key phrase

Content should include it
2% to 5% of time use the key phrase or synonyms


Quite important in SEO. Put your key phrase here

Meta Tag: Keywords

<metaname=”keywords” content=”make money, make money online, how to make money online”>
3-10 keywords/key phrases
Use these on the page

Meta Tag: Description

<metaname=”description” content=”This site………”>
Search engines may use this as the descriptor under your link in the results page.

Anchor Text

<a href=”xxx”>This is anchor text</a>
Search engines consider this significantly
Use key phrases
Internal links within sites are good
External links from other sites are good

<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>

Usually, one h1 on a page
Multiple h2s
Search engines consider these, especially h1s and h2s

Body Copy

Use your key phrases
Use synonyms
But write naturally

Frequently Update Your site

Search engines like this
XML compliant site map

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