The myth About search engine optimization (SEO)

Posted by roinah on Monday, November 28, 2011

Prior to Google search engine optimization was really the business of submission. Users would complete lengthy forms, craft descriptions of their content and then manually submit a request to the search provider in hopes of earning a visit from one of their search robots. This process was about as effective as a rotary telephone. And then there was Google, and it was good.

Even in the early years Google gave hints as to what it would eventually become (and in many ways is still becoming) but the primary question on everyone’s mind was how did it work? Many tried and failed to crack the algorithm. Most suspected, based on Google’s own cryptic admissions, that it was a formulaic approach that ranked a site based on its electronic popularity. That is, how many sites linked back to it, how often was it referenced number of visitors etc.

A lot of that guesswork has become standardized into a set of rules called SEO. Google recently created their own scorecard based on many of the most common SEO topics. Broken apart into three easily digestible areas; search result presentation, URLs and redirects and on-page optimizations the scorecard doubles as a roadmap to optimizing your web properties to Google’s standard.

So where does the myth begin? Obviously Google, Yahoo, Bing and dozens of other search engines value SEO. Furthermore it is well documented that SEO in combination with a social media strategy and electronic advertising can make a significant impact to your organization. The myth, therefore, is in the amazing amount of misinformation on the basic principles behind SEO. Just the slightest amount of research will reveal wildly differing opinions on the industry and what constitutes best practices.

Since SEO is rarely a service that’s performed in house when it comes time to select a provider (or perhaps fire your current) refer back to the Google Scorecard above. Also, balance your SEO spend with an internal social media campaign and reserve a portion of your dollars for internet marketing. Avoid anyone that charges by the page and ask for reliable third party ranking tools to report your results.
In the next installment we will take a look at crowd-sourcing and how you can use basic SEO keyword techniques to grow your company without adding new seats to your office.

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Pingo Lao said...

To get best search engine we have to taste the search engine and it is not easy in a mannual way for that various logarithm are used. Since SEO is rarely a service that’s performed in house when it comes time to select a provider (or perhaps fire your current) refer back to the Google Scorecard above. Megaupload Search Engine

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